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The Daily Zoo - Vol. 3 Healing Together


The Daily Zoo - Vol. 3:
Healing Together

by Chris Ayers

Paperback $19.95
Hardcover $29.95


The imaginative and often whimsical animal menagerie of the Daily Zoo continues to grow with this latest collection. The therapeutic project, drawing an animal each day in response to being treated for acute leukemia, has been a constant companion to creator/survivor Chris Ayers since he first started it in 2006.

This volume features characters from Years 3 through 9 of the project, inspired by various events and personal encounters on his journey of remission - from traveling the world and the amazing people he met along the way, to planning his wedding and preparing for the arrival of his first child.

Come inside and explore the playground of Chris' imagination, where horses wear lipstick, tigers wear tuxedos, and the starfish like to fight back.


FEEL-GOOD BONUS: A portion of the proceeds from The Daily Zoo goes to cancer-related charities!


• 160 pages
• Over 175 illustrations
• Artist commentary and reflection


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